The SVMi-16E is Samsung's fully integrated voice processing system. Specifically designed to integrate into Samsung's iDCS 500 system, the SVMi-16E combines the features of an auto attendant and voicemail.


The SVMi-16E is an expansion of our popular SVMi line. It provides 16 ports and up to 1000 mailboxes for your iDCS 500 system. The SVMi-16E provides multi-language support for up to 9 languages, fax-on-demand and a comprehensive set of features unlike any other voice processing system in the market today. This "in-skin" system combined with the functionality of Samsung's iDCS product offers rich business systems to propel your company into the future.


New Enhancements

E-MAIL GATEWAY: Deliver SVMi Voice Mail and Fax Mail Messages to the Subscriber's E-Mail Client Inbox using SMTP. You can easily forward voice and fax mail messages to any Subscriber Inbox as an e-mail message with a WAV and/or TIFF file attachment even if they are not a Voice Mail Subscriber on your system, store and archive voice and fax mail messages in visible folders, add text notes and comments to use for reference later, and call back numbers and date and time stamp are easily displayed in the Subject field.

The E-Mail Gateway functionality can be implemented to your SVMi-8E and SVMi-16E with NO additional hardware and minimal interaction with the Customer's Network.

Feature List

Blocked Personal Greeting
Busy Personal Greeting
Call Blocking
Call Forwarding
Day / Night Personal Greeting
Find Me
Follow Me (Off Premises Transfer)
Hold for Busy Station
Multiple Personal Greetings (9)
Night Intercept
Park and Overhead Page
Personal Customized Options
Retrieve Public Caller from Hold
Screened Rejected Personal Greeting
Stored Telephone Numbers
Weekly Availability Schedule

Activity Display
Administrator’s Mailbox
Auto Delete Subscribers
Automatic Setup
Back Up and Restore
Default Operation
Password Security
Programming - On Site or Remote*
Subscriber Administration
Subscriber Database
System Reports
Voice Prompted Programming
Voice Studio

Multiple Response Destinations
Playback Header Prompt
Team Transcription
Unlimited Questions

Audiotex Librarian
Automatic Announcement Delete
Announcement Replay
Play Multiple Announcements

Caller Selected Delivery
Compound or Multiple Document Delivery
Document Librarian
Voice Labels

Alphabetic Directory (Multiple)
Auto Attendant Routing
Automatic After Hours Answering
Announce Hold Position
Announce Hold Time
Camp On Support
Direct to Mailbox
Holidays and Special Events Scheduler
Incoming Call Overflow
Interruptible Voice Prompts
Maximum Greeting Length
Multiple Call Handling
Multiple Language Support
Operator Access
Single Digit Call Routing

Caller ID Compatible
E-Mail Gateway
Fax Detection and Transfer
Flexible Numbering Plan
Individually Defined
Mailboxes and Extensions
Keyset Display and Soft Key Support
MOH Supply
Multiple Mailbox Support
Operating Mode/Oriented Call Processing
Operating Mode Override
Proprietary Design
Recordable System Prompts
Schedule Table
Synchronized Clock

*Remote Programming requires use of extermal modem sold separately.

Announcement Only Mailboxes
Answer Machine Emulation
Auto Conversation Record
Auto Forward
Auto Log In
Auto Message Play
Call Back
Call Forward to Voice Mail
Call Record
Call Back Request Messages
Date and Time Stamp
Delivery Imperative
Direct Messaging / Quick Memo
Distribution Lists
E-Message Delivery
E-Message Notification
Extended Prompting
External Number Notification
External Pager Notification
FaxMail (Requires VPMF-E)
Future Delivery
Group and Sort Messages Prior to Play
Individual Mailbox Greeting
Individual Mailbox Name
Individual Mailbox Password
Maximum Number of Messages
Message Address Verification
Message Alert Notification Schedule
Message Counter
Message Length Controls
Message Retention Time by Subscriber
Message Waiting Light Indication
Message Options:

  • Delete
  • Retrieve
  • Delivery Options
  • Rewind
  • Fast Forward
  • Save
  • Forward with Append
  • Send
  • Pause
  • Scan
  • Play Order
  • Skip
  • Replay
  • Undelete
  • Reply

Multiple Subscriber Mailbox Login
Multiple Subscriber Mailboxes
Name Addressing
Net Mailbox (AMIS)New / Old Selection
One Touch Access
Pager Notification Schedule
Personal Mailbox Administration
Private (Confidential) Messages
Quick Memo
Reply Required
Retrieve Public Caller from Mailbox
Return Receipt (Certified Message)
Self Memo / Reminder
Self Memo / Reminder Categories
Speed Control
Subscriber Workload Manager
Until... Scheduling
Urgent Messages
Volume Control

E-Message Delivery
E-Mail Notification
Adjustable Message Retention

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